First Annual 50 State Capitol Ladypalooza blowout!

Lady Parts Justice, the folks who produced Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose,” the star-studded online telethon supporting Texas abortion rights, is launching “V To Shining V,” an exciting national pride day for women on September 27, 2014. It also serves as the big kick in the ass that we all need to step up, get loud, go to the polls in November and toss out politicians who think the problems in our home states are what we do with our vaginas.


Sarah Silverman announced she will be will be in Concord, New Hampshire. Why? Because our celebrity Lady Parts Justice Leaguers are going back to their home states to stand up with their mothers, sisters and friends, to show them they care, and will always defend the women who made them who they are. Spread the word so you and everyone you know will be in your state capitol September 27th for “V To Shining V,” the party of the year. Join us in pledging your commitment to women and fighting for the issues that matter. Oh, and to see an awesome show.

so here’s what we'd love for you to do

Sign up for our mailing list and keep checking back here and on the Lady Parts Justice Facebook. In the weeks and months ahead, we'll roll out the "V To Shining V" line-ups. Together we can kick some ass, take some names and send these Orcs packing.

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