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Episode 83: Live at the Teen Vogue Summit 2017

Lizz and Julie are live at the 2017 Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles. They speak with Madame Gandhi, the musician turned activist known for running the 2015 London marathon while free-bleeding. In this episode, we also share some snippets of Lizz’s mentorship session with the young activists poised to take over the world.


Madame Gandhi
WXYZ Jewelry

Episode 82: #MeAt14 Roundtable

Lizz speaks with a roundtable of LPJer’s about the viral hashtag “Me At 14” (#MeAt14). In case you aren’t aware, Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate was accused by several women last week of sexual misconduct when he was 32 and they were just FOURTEEN. Where were you at 14? Probably not dating a 32-year-old.


Mothers Undercover See Son’s Catcalling
– Roy Moore banned from mall


National Alliance to End Sexual Violence
End Rape On Campus
It’s On Us

EPISODE 81: Parole Denied With Aggressive Side-Eye

Dr. David Gunn was a loved and respected abortion provider that was murdered in 1993 by a domestic terrorist, Michael Griffin. This man was recently granted a parole hearing -> BONKERS!! Fortunately, justice prevailed and he was denied parole. Hope Florida can feel the side-eye. In this episode, Lizz speaks with David Gunn Jr. about his father and the feelings that came with the parole hearing.


– “Murderer Who Started a Movement” by Dahlia Lithwick
– Background on Operation Rescue
– Who is John Burt
– And who is Paul Hill
– HBO Documentary on the Army of God

EPISODE 80: #NoAbortionBan is Trending… Again

They are at it again trying to pass a 6-week ban on abortion. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing yesterday to determine if the bill is constitutional. It was frustrating, to say the least. Julie is joined by Anne Bailey, from NARAL ProChoice America to discuss the shenanigans – including a creepy sonogram play by play by Rep Steve King.

* Watch the full hearing here.

Episode 79: Jane Doe is Due for SOMETHING

Jane Doe is seriously getting tormented with some process down in Texas. Who is Jane Doe? She is an undocumented teen that is being denied her right to an abortion by the government – EVEN THOUGH – she was granted permission by a judge with the help of an amazing organization called Jane’s *clap* Due *clap* Process. So many heavy hitters on this episode. Lizz speaks with Dahlia Lithwick, one of the main journalists covering the case for Slate, and Amy Hagstrom Miller from Whole Women’s Health, the main independent abortion provider in Texas. Then Julie brings you her first west coast interview with Susan Berke Fogel, Director of the National Health Law Program… and a million other kickass organizations.

Show notes:
– Dept of Health and Human Services NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU! Leave your comment in the box below the draft at this link.

– Learn more about the work of Susan B. Fogel and the National Health Law Program.

Read about Jane Doe from Dahlia Lithwick in Slate.

– Learn more about the creep (E. Scott Lloyd) obsessed with keeping teens from having abortions here.

SEND A LETTER…to the parole board in Michael Griffins case.
Florida Commission on Offender Review Victims Services
4070 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2450

Episode 78: We See You Dept of Health and Human Services

Julie is joined by our leader Lizz Winstead, Nicole Moore the Communications Director, and fellow writer Molly Gaebe, to break down all of the NEW garbage fires happening in reproductive rights. We’re talking Trump rolling back Obama’s birth control mandate, the horror that is Harvey Weinstein and the ultimate scare happening in the Department of Health and Human Services. Here’s a hint: they’ve declared that life begins at conception and should end “naturally”. This should scare you.

Life as defined by Health and Human Services
Newsweek on HHS
Submit your comments on the HHS bill
Birth Control Roll Back


As September comes to an end we didn’t want to let it go without talking about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. SO FUN! (Aka PCOS) It’s PCOS Awareness Month. This is a syndrome that affects over 10 million people in the world.

SPECIAL GUESTS: Lorne (from LPJL), Cristina Mikijanic (Friend of the podcast), and Megan Stewart (PCOS Awareness Association Founder)

Learn more about PCOS here.
Help PCOS Awareness Association here.
– Literally PCOS Awareness Association can answer all of your questions so visit their site here.

Episode 76: Graham Cassidy Catastrophe

Lizz gives Julie and Abby the lowdown on the newest horrible installment of the not-so-fun game called “How the GOP is trying to destroy us all.”

How USA Today hates Graham-Cassidy
How PopSugar hates Graham-Cassidy
How Politico hates Graham Cassidy
How Guttmacher feels about Federally Qualified Health Centers
Charts that show why you should hate Graham Cassidy
Lindsey Graham is living in 1996

Episode 75: An Alabama Proposal

Lizz and Julie speak with Mia Raven from The P.O.W.E.R. House in Alabama about the political fuckery around down there these days. The democratic party in Alabama seems to have given up on trying to win the Senate seat to replace Jeff Sessions and resident extremist Sam McLure won’t stop pushing his Proposal 16 while doxing abortion providers. Hey Sam, Prop 16 is like “fetch”… it isn’t going to happen.

Alabama Dem Problem
Doxing Douchebag McLure
Watch McLure’s Crazy For Yourself

Episode 74: Feminism is Alive in Poland

Abby and Julie speak with Basia Wycisk, an activist in Poland. She is everything you want in a feminist all rolled up into a little Polish ball.

– We spoke about her political party, Razem.
– Polish March in MARCH.
Handmaid’s Tale Protest
Women on Waves is AWESOME.
Abortion in Poland.

Episode 71: A Vagical Ending

This episode of ReproMadness comes to you at the end of the Lady Parts Justice League’s Vagical Mystery Tour. First, we hear from the folks at Allegheny Reproductive Health Center in Pittsburgh and then finishing off with a big bang in Louisville with some clips from the final talkback FEATURING Dr. Willie Parker

Episode 70: A Cleveland Birthright

Julie, Abby and Molly come to you from the Cleveland stop on the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour, chatting “Morning After” with Gabe from NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. There is also an interview with, Civia Tamarkin & Luchina Fisher, the creators of “Birthright: A War Story” – an incredible new full-length documentary showing the in-depth history of reproductive rights legislation along side true stories from women that have been caught in the crossfire. It’s a MUST SEE!

Episode 69:Care in Chaos (LIVE from The Vagical Mystery Tour)

In this episode of the podcast we are live from the Lady Parts Justice League VAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR!! The team was in Detroit supporting and loving on the Northland Family Planning folks – WHO ARE AMAZING! This episode features two amazing interviews, one of which is the talkback that occurred after the show in Detroit.

Julie also had the insane pleasure of speaking to director Lindsay Beyerstein and Rewire journalist Jessica Mason Pieklo about the newest documentary to be produced by Rewire, Care in Chaos.

Episode 68: Green Hats (aka. National Lawyers Guild)

This week Julie talks to Erica and Sara from the National Lawyers Guild New York City chapter about legal observing. You know those people wearing green hats at the protest just starring at everyone? They’re there for your protection so let them work their magic.

Episode 67: Repurpose Yourself

This week Julie is joined by Leah Bonnema, comedian and member of Lady Parts Justice and Lizz brings us an interview from the road with Lady Parts Justice League on the Vagical Mystery Tour. They’re in Chicago!! If you’re in the area – check out the show!

Episode 66: Petty for Mankind

Julie and Abby remind us that we’re all just people at a Tom Petty concert. They run down the news, from Charlotte, NC where apparently abortion is all about men to Missouri where a certain lawmaker is taking on a much too hands on approach. They’re joined by a new intern – Solange! She gives us the inside scoop on the Lifetime miniseries that is Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser’s coming of age story.

Episode 65: The Protestor’s Boner (A Love Story)

Julie and Abby are joined by Jin Moon and Nicole Moore, who discuss their boner of an experience on the Lady Parts Justice League’s Vagical Mystery Tour. We hear an update from Lizz on the road as her and the team are just leaving the last clinic in Mississippi. Then Julie and Abby dive butt first into the state news.

Episode 64: Kansas Chocolate FONT Don’t

Lizz is live from the LPJL Vagical Mystery Tour speaking with providers in Atlanta about the anniversary of Dr. Tiller’s murder. Julie is bringing you a quick news brief from… RENO! Yay? And we feature an interview with Mother Jones’ Research Editor, Nina Liss-Schultz discussing her article about feticide convictions.

Episode 63: SB Hate-er Eight

This episode Lizz and Julie discuss SB8 a new Texas State bill that is overflowing with anti-abortion bullshit. Fetal burial makes an unwanted return. They also remind blue states that – NO – abortion access is not safe where you live. Also, Lizz promises to teach Julie how to do a plank the right way!

Episode 62: New York Times STAWP-ed

The New York Times seems to be canoodling with anti-choice groups in their op-ed section. Jenn, Molly and Julie discuss that and how the repeal of the ACA can alter abortion access in what we consider safe cities like New York and California. THEN Abby and Julie speak with Kelly Cleland from the American Society for Emergency Contraception about why no one knows that Plan B is not effective for women over 150lbs. (I KNOW – WHAT?). Kelly gives us literally all of the amazing information we could have asked for and more!

Episode 61: Yoest Infection

This episode Julie and Abby talk to Red from the Filipino Freethinkers about abortion access and reproductive rights in the Philippines. Hot Tip: it’s way worse than in the U.S.A.

Julie speaks with Gabe from NARAL Prochoice Ohio about a bit (THAT’S ALL YOU GET) of good news from the state leg in Ohio.

Episode 60: Textbooks of Your Soul

Lizz and Julie discuss anti-choice democrats and the ridiculousness of wedge issues aka. Nebraska. Some new abortion restrictions are taking shape in Minnesota, which hits a little too close to home for Lizz. Finally, one of our brilliantly strong co-workers shares her story of sexual assault to round out our SAAM series.

Episode 59: The O’SUCK Factor

This episode we have urgent news coming out of Alabama. We speak to a friend and activist from the POWERhouse on the ground there about what’s going on. Lizz and Julie are joined by Abby and Lorne to discuss the state fuckery. You get a taste of how Bill O’Reilly contributed to the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. And we continue our Sexual Assault Awareness Series with two great interviews featuring Youth Voices Network, advocating for young survivors of assault and we learn about a new technology that will change the speed of DNA testing.

Episode 58: ICYMI Trump Sucks Privately (w/ Dr. Will Parker AND MORE)

This episode we feature three really great interviews, including one with Dr. Willie Parker about his new book “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice.” Thinking about book clubbing it up? Below is a link to a readers guide to the book!

We feature our first clinic spotlight. Julie was able to sit down with the amazing team at Choices in Memphis and discuss how kickass the clinic is and learn all the work they do for their community!

Continuing our Sexual Assault Awareness Month interview series, Jenn and Julie sit down with Dani Faith Leonard to discuss the movie “The Light of the Moon.” The movie features a young woman, played by Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine Nine, as she navigates the weeks following a sexual assault. It won the Audience Award for Narrative Feature at SXSW!

Also, Trump did some more shitty stuff, go out and support your local abortion fund. They need it now more than ever.

Episode 57: Lizz in Conversation with Dr. Willie Parker

Dr. Willie Parker’s book “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice” hit book stores last week. Lady Parts Justice founder and all-round badass, Lizz Winstead sat down with him to talk about his work at a synagogue in Brooklyn (hence why it’s a biiitt echo-y) but it’s still a great listen!!

Episode 56: SAAM and RHA (feat Sofie Karasek and Sen Liz Krueger)

We bring you the beginning of our interview series on Sexual Assault. Amber and Julie talk with Sofie Karasek of The Hunting Ground and End Rape On College Campus. Additionally, Lizz, Nicole and Julie talk with Senator Liz Kreuger from the 28th District in NY about the #RHA and how abortion rights are not safe in this blue state.

Episode 55: Takes a Village to Oppress a Woman

What a day it has been. Today was a perfect example that it really does take a village to oppress a woman. Mike Pence used his shit grin to break a tie and pass a bill making it legal for states to deny funding for family planning, Louisville is in threat of having their last clinic close and every other state seemed to want to dump some more shit on the fire.

Episode 54: Did You Hear About Gorsuch?

We talk to our social team, Lorne and Alex, all about the week in Gorsuch hearings and, of course, our kween Amy Hagstrom Miller’s testimony to #OpposeGorsuch. We round it out talking about Trump$care.

Episode 53: LIVE at SXSW 2017 (Movies, Music and Abortion)

With how much abortion batshittery comes out of Texas it only made sense for us to take the podcast to Austin for SXSW. Huge thank you to the 1in3 campaign and Advocates for Youth that made it all possible.

Lizz and Julie are joined by texas activist Sadie Hernandez, Kathy Valentine from The Go Go’s, Candice Russell from “We Testify” and Jamie Broadnax from Black Girl Nerds.

We hear some of our guests share their abortion stories, we tackle current news topics, and discuss fake clinics and the hipster dudes helping them.

Bonus: Dirty Dancing; The Only Abortion Movie feat. Patrick Swayze

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, the best abortion movie ever made featuring Patrick Swayze! Moderated by Nicole Moore, this Lady Parts Justice League post-movie panel discussed movie abortions and what this depiction meant and means to them.

Episode 52: Celebrate Abortion Providers

So proud of our Molly Gaebe for speaking about our sister org, Lady Parts Justice League’s work at the International Women’s Day Protest. We talk to her about the experience and the day in general. Also, don’t forget to celebrate abortion providers!!

Episode 51: A Fortune Cookie for POTUS (Feat. Sarah Jones)

This week on the podcast we are joined by Tony award winning playwright, Sarah Jones. Watch out for her new podcast coming out March 30th called “Play Date with Sarah Jones.”

Episode 50: Self Care Times Day

Happy Valentine’s Day – Here are some ideas for self-care from the LPJ staff. We all rundown the top stories that you should be paying attention to these days..

Episode 49: Gorsuch and The Governmental Babysitter

The top story this week is Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch. What does his past say about his stance on repro-rights? Arkansas and Texas fill out the state news. Wouldn’t be a show if there wasn’t something shitty happening in Texas.

Episode 48: SCOTUS Chat w/ Dahlia Lithwick

Trump tweeted that he will be announcing his Supreme Court pick tomorrow at 8pm… because that’s how the president communicates with us now, via Twitter. We spoke with Dahlia Lithwick, writer at Slate and expert on SCOTUS about the short list of contenders.

Episode 47: Marching With The Dickstickers

It’s happening – January 21st weekend – the weekend that Trump becomes president and immediately following we all stand up and show him and his administration that we are watching, we are paying attention and we are not going to sit by while they take claim to our rights. In this episode we talk about our march prep and what we expect from this weekend.

ALSO! The amazing comedy writer, Patrick Baker is donating a portion of the proceeds from his presidential comedy book, The Presidential Dickerbook, to Lady Parts Justice League!! The book is a history of the shitty things past presidents have done combined with the joy of dick stickers. Purchase at the link below:

Episode 46: You Hear About Jeff Sessions?

The anti’s stole a fence from Preterm, an abortion clinic in Cleveland. They actually stole a fence – help them out with getting a new one. We also talk the hearings from this week and what’s happening in Kentucky.

Also included is an interview with an activist in Ohio, she has an inspiring story that we hope you’ll enjoy and use for motivation.

Episode 45: At Least It’s Not 2016 Anymore (feat. Heather Busby)

We’re Back! Our vibe is currently “At least it’s not 2016 anymore.”

Lizz and Julie chat with Heather Busby about the recent hearing over fetal burial and guess what? Texas does NOT have their shit together. The new power shift in Kentucky and Missouri puts the states at the hands of completely Republican controlled state governments for the first time in a long time, which is not fairing well so far.

Episode 44: Dignity Schmignity (Feat. Heather Busby NARAL TX)

BREAKING NEWS: After a hearing in Austin, TX about the fetal burial law a judge has put a delay on the ruling until Jan 6th. A hearing will take place on Jan 3-4 where each side will be given 5 hours to make their case.

Episode 43: Ohio Is The Worst (feat. Mallory McMaster)

Ohio snuck a total ban on abortion into a bill about child abuse and neglect, cool… real cool. Oh wait, they also passed a ban on 20 week abortion too – especially for women with diabetes and other medical conditions. SAY WHAT?? Our guest, Mallory McMaster helps us deal. Where do these laws come from? Listen to find out.

Episode 42: Only Zygotes Not People

Come on, Texas! Stop being so predictable. This episode we visit the current laws that Texas and Utah are trying to pass. We reminisce about the good old days when people could just have non-shameful sex next to the radio listening to… Stratton and Bramble? Or maybe something a little more entertaining.

Episode 41: Awkward Holiday Convos Not To Be Missed

Yes the holidays are upon us and NO you can’t avoid your family this year. Go home and face the people that voted for Trump and have those tough conversations.

Episode 40: All the Post-Election Feelings (WE RUV YOU)

Oh boy, oh boy – what is going on? Let’s share our feelings and discuss the future of our reproductive rights. We’re still here and we’re still moving forward.


#39: Virginia Is For Lovers (And Their Mistresses)

While the ladies of Buzz Off, Lucille are away learning all about the wonders of creationism, we discuss Virginia striking down trap laws, “fetus funeral” bills and Donald Trump’s voter suppression plans. We also share a great conversation between Lizz and Cecily Kellogg, a woman who had a late-term abortion in 2004.


#38: Pussy Trumps Hate

It’s a bird.. it’s a plane… no, it’s a plane spreading lies and stigma. This episode we discuss Pussy Power at Trump Tower, Debate #3 which was Totes Aborsh and we find out what’s all up in Franchesca Ramsey’s biznass.


#37: Locker Room Edition

This special locker room edition features all the Trump smack talk you could ever wish for plus interviews with the amazing Naomi Ekperigin from Comedy Central and Amy Hagstrom Miller from Whole Women’s Health.


#36: Probes Recap, Wendy Davis & Aborsh on TV

The Golden Probes were a hit! In this episode we’re talking about our favorite moments of the night, featuring a bomb interview with our shero Wendy Davis. Of course, we also touch on the usual state fuckery happening, abortion on TV, and a little Timmy Kaine/Mikey Pence debate recap.


It’s a Repro Madness MINISODE: Debate Hangover

I’m sure we’re all feeling a little debate hangover today. In this minisode, we spew out our thoughts immediately following the first presidential debate of 2016. When will they ask about women? Was Trump right in his accusations about Hillary regarding the birther debate? Tune in for a little “hair of the dog.”

#35: We’re Baaaack!!

We’re Baaaack!!

We’re joined by Jean Grae – Hip Hop MC, Comedian, Actor & host of the first ever 2016 Golden Probe Awards – A kickass LPJ fundraiser happening next Sunday, Oct 2nd. Listen to hear how you can stream from home!

We talk to Ravina Daphtary, Director of State Strategies, All* Above All
about the Hyde Amendment and the United for Abortion Coverage Week of Action that starts NEXT WEEK! Visit their site to learn how you can get involved in ending hyde #BeBoldEndHyde.

We also touch on Trump and all the crazy stuff he’s promised anti-extremists, including a new “pro-life” coalition.


              • *Media Matters has a great article that dissects everything really well
              • Lady Parts Justice League is coming to North Carolina! Check out the dates here and sign up for out WERKSHOP here!
              • Get INFORMATION! Watch our newest video about the horrible TRAP laws in Louisiana

#34: Netroots Nation 2016

Repro Madness made the rounds at Netroots Nation 2016 and interviewed some incredible reproductive rights and justice warriors from all over the country. Representative Jan Schakowsky from Illinois gives us the inside scoop as a ranking member of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives and what’s at stake in the upcoming election. Elana Levin of Graphic Policy & Make the Road Action, the political arm of NY’s largest participatory immigrant organization, dropped some knowledge about art, activism, and culture at our Radio Row booth! Jessica Gonzales-Rojas from the Latina Institute for Reproductive Health taught us our new favorite inclusive, non-binary pronoun: latinx. We also hear from Filmmaker Tracy Dros Tragos and Dr. Erin King. Repro Madness discussed their new HBO film, Abortion: Stories Women Tell, a powerful film portraying real people across the full spectrum of abortion rights and access in our country.



#33: How Cable News Talks About Abortion

We are joined by Rachel Tardiff, Deputy Outreach Director for Media Matters for America, for a special interview about their new study: How Cable News Talks About Abortion. Ms. Tardiff possesses an incredible wealth of knowledge on the subject and helps us break down the dangerous misinformation that cable news networks spread about abortion over a 14-month period.

Reading List:


#32: The Most Feminist Week Ever

The most feminist week ever started with Hillary making herstory and Beyonce concerts but ended with abortion restrictions in South Carolina. Sharron Paul and Ashley Gray also break down the new state legislation trend of banning D&E’s, a common second-trimester procedure, the douchiest republican assemblyman in Staten Island, and Oklahoma passing the absurd and ridiculously-named “Humanity of the Unborn Child Act” that they can’t even afford to enforce.

Reading List


#31: NYC PodFest 2016

Recorded LIVE from NYC PodFest 2016 with special guests author/writer/editor extraordinaire, Joan Walsh, and improv king, Greg Proops! We talk feminism, comedy, the election, state-level abortion restrictions, and Oklahoma. Big thanks to Cake Shop and NYC Podfest for having us!

Podfest pod1



Reading List


#30: Gettin’ Lucky in Kentucky

Our 30th episode comes to your earbuds from Louisville, Kentucky and includes special comedian guest, Helen Hong! The team plays some criminal insanity trivia, celebrates a win for Missouri, discusses Utah’s latest barrier to abortion access, and explains Jan Brewer’s internalized sexism.

Reading List


#29: Is That a Jesus in Your Uterus or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

We are bathing in Beyonce’s #Lemonade over here in Brooklyn, laughing at the Cruz/Fiorina team-up, digging Mary Pat Christie’s side eye, and crying over the f*ckery that’s happening in Oklahoma. Plus, we chat about the Satanic Temple’s newest stunt, a Federal win for trans* people, a lady who saw a crucifix in her ultrasound, and Alabama’s personhood problems.

Reading List

Sound/Video Links


#28: People Been Butt F*cking Forever

It’s a lively episode this week with Ashley Gray, Sharron Paul, and Rae Sanni. We break down what’s happening in Missouri and the ongoing blowback from the fake Planned Parenthood videos, legalized discrimination, and how Rick Scott got his feelings hurt. The ladies also celebrate California’s new birth control law, the recent win for Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo, the new sex-ed bill from one of our favorites– Cory Booker, and New York eliminating the tampon tax!

Call to Action!

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#27: Papa Pence’s Crematorium

Why is Indiana Governor Mike Pence so obsessed with forcing people to cremate or bury their aborted or miscarried fetuses? We have some theories. It’s a full house this week with Lizz Winstead, Ashley Gray, Sharron Paul, Rae Sanni and Molly Gaebe commenting on the latest repro news. We pay tribute to our new sheros, the woman who yelled at Florida Gov. Rick Scott in a Starbucks and the Periods for Pence movement. The team also discusses the new language anti-choice activists are using to scare people over to their side, and the real-life stories of women who have been affected by TRAP laws.

Reading List:

Sound Clips:

Social Media:


#26: The IUD Episode

Lizz Winstead and Ashley Gray are joined by Sriya Sarkar and Amber Gavin, who spill all the details about their IUD experiences: their hesitations about the procedure, what it was like getting it inserted, and if they would recommend the effective birth control method to others. We also break down Donald Trump’s recent abortion statements (barf), the GOP witch hunt– I mean committee– that’s halting medical research with your tax dollars, SCOTUS’s birth control problems, and a scary tactic that anti-choice activists are using to deceive pregnant people.

Reading List



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#25: A Murder of Nuns

The voice of Lady Parts Justice’s videos, Darbi Worley, joins the team this week at the clubhouse to discuss Zubik v. Burwell, the recent influx of anti-trans bathroom bills, Georgia & North Carolina’s LGBT discrimination problem, and Indiana’s horrific omnibus abortion bill. We also chat birth control methods, colonics, and the ridiculous places the Florida legislature things you should go for a pap smear.

Reading List


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#24: ACN Conference

This week Ashley is out basking in the beautiful Carribean air, but Lizz Winstead is back holding it down with Sharron Paul and Joyelle Johnson, fresh off a wonderful three day Lady Parts Justice League trip to Florida performing at the Abortion Care Network conference and being completely inspired by providers and activists working hard to smash stigma and create new ways to improve the already compassionate care these heroes and sheroes provide every day!

It’s hard to bask in the joy for long however, when so many hideous laws were being dropped this week like the ghoulish Indiana legislation forcing people to pay for cremation or burials of their abortion and worse, we found out this week that while California took the bold step last year  to make it illegal for fake clinics to lie to patients, turns out no one is enforcing the law. And worse….

Reading List

#23: Tales from the Supreme Court 

Ashley Gray, Sharron Paul and Rae Sanni are joined by first-time podcaster Abby Holland of Buzzoff Lucille! The ladies recap our trip to Washington DC for the Supreme Court oral arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt and give their opinions on the case. This week’s news rundown features scary news out of Oklahoma, Florida and a disturbing report in the New York Times regarding google searches for self-induced abortion instructions. Luckily, our favorite repro journalist, Robin Marty, brings us the coolest resource for obtaining a safe and legal abortion in! We also give a shout out to West Virginia’s latest victory. We also have a good laugh thanks to Ted Cruz’s dad.

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#22: She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

The LPJ team sat down with some wine and pizza this week to chat about Rihanna’s new video, shared some important Black History Month knowledge. We bring you a rundown of this week’s repro news out of Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, and a shocking report about abortion access from Bloomberg Business. We are so honored to have a very special guest, Mary Dore, director of the documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, on the podcast this week. The team interviews Mary about the film and the women’s liberation movement during the late 60’s and early 70’s. We converse about our history and draw parallels to the struggles we see in modern day feminism. We hope you can see this important film- be sure to follow us on social media to see how you can enter to win a free DVD copy or tickets to a screening!

Reading List

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry Documentary Website 


Social Media:

#21: Nude Selfies & Ghost Abortions

Ashley Gray and Sharron Paul are holding down the LPJ Clubhouse fort this week, bringing you their, “Where were you when you heard Scalia died?” stories while also weighing in on nude selfies and Samantha Bee. This week’s repro news comes in three categories: The Good, The Bad, and The Weird-A$$ Sh*t. Spoiler Alert: Ghost abortions are a thing now (no they’re not), New Orleans lost their only 2nd term abortion provider, and Pope Frank is coming around on contraception.

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#20: “When Life Gives You Rape, Make Rape-ade?!?!”

This week’s Repro Madness episode brings you the hilarious musings of Lizz Winstead, Ashley Gray, Sharron Paul and Rae Sanni as they discuss lots of great happenings in pop culture: Beyonce’s “Formation”, the premier Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and LPJ’s new TRAP law video, “Clinic Hunters”. The women celebrate the recent 2016 election drop-outs, giving them a proper send-off. We bring you the reproductive health news coming out of Oklahoma, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, and Colorado Springs, and unpack all of the awful rape-talk that’s been spewing out of the mouths of our lawmakers lately. Finally, we examine a bizarre story involving anti-choice groups training an army of spies to infiltrate abortion clinics around the country.

Reading List

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Extra Stuff


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#19: Zika-Infested Weenies

It’s Groundhog Week at the Lady Parts Justice clubhouse and Lizz, Sharron and Ashley are back with all the crazy news you need to hear about. On this week’s Repro Madness menu, is the international Zika virus fiasco, Cincinnati losing it’s only hospital that performed abortions for unviable pregnancies, and the newest load of BS coming out of the CDC. We also bring you the startling (sarcasm) report regarding who has been pushing the anti-choice bills so far in 2016. Don’t worry, we also make time to sh*t all over the pro-rape “Men’s Rights” groups too.

Reading List


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#18: Abortuplex? Abortatorium? Abortress? 

Lizz, Ashley and Sharron are back from traveling last week with some stories from the road. Ashley shares about her experience infiltrating an anti-choice protest in Washington DC during the March for Life rally last week. We included some soundbites from the anti-choice leaders that you won’t want to miss! Lizz tells us about speaking on the Texas state capitol steps for the Roe v. Wade anniversary in support of Whole Woman’s Health and the case they’re bringing to SCOTUS in March. She also dishes about going to Sundance and seeing Trapped, a new documentary about TRAP laws designed to shut down clinics and cut off access to abortion for pregnant people around the country. Finally, we wrap up with the good news, the bad news, and the special news that is just weird AF this week.

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#17: Liberty & Justice for ALL! #Roe43

In honor of the 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that recognized a woman’s constitutional right to abortion, we are bringing you a live recording of a conversation between Lizz and Andrea Miller, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice NY. Lizz and Andrea team up to dish on abortion access, the assault on reproductive rights, the upcoming election season and the Supreme Court. Cheers to safe and legal abortion nationwide forever and ever!


#16: An Ass Clap is an Impressive Feat

Lizz Winstead is back this week with Sharron and Ashley, who agree this was a weird ass news week in Repro Land. The three deliberate about the definition of “ass clap”, the final Obama administration State of the Union, Nancy Pelosi’s outdated and troubling abortion rhetoric, North Carolina’s newest abortion restriction, Virginia’s creepy transphobic bathroom bill that targets school children, and the ex-Real World cast member who is now a state representative in Wisconsin who’s pissing off the Congressional Black Caucus left and right. Finally, Lizz watches the infamous USA Freedom Kids video from the Donald Trump rally while recording, and the three lose their shi*t.

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#15: We Took A Blowjob Class

Oregon and California offering over the counter birth control, #DearDebbie, Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, and upcoming abortion rights battles in 2016 are the topics on Ashley, Sharron, and Amber’s minds this week. The three discuss the recent repro news and then delve into the amazingly fun blowjob class that Ashley and Amber recently attended. The women also see a whole new side of Sharron: sexpert and kinky toy evangelist at large in our own office! Who knew?! Enjoy this fun episode and email us at with your questions, comments, and more.

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#14: Dear 2015, Bye Felicia. Love, LPJ

Alex English and Rae Sanni join Ashley, Sharron, and Leah for a 2015 send-off in true LPJ fashion (wine and lots of laughter were involved). Listen to the most badass feminist gang in Brooklyn discuss their favorite and not-so-favorite highlights from 2015 in politics, pop culture and everything in between. See you in the New Year!

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#13: Repro Madness Episode 13: Abortion Crab Boil?! 

It’s just Lizz and Ashley holding down the fort this week, bringing you your below-the-belt news from the repro world. We discuss the resurgence of the coat hanger abortion in Tennessee and the various problems surrounding the reporting of this story. The ladies also delve into Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine’s fruitless investigation into Planned Parenthood and the new fetal disposal bill. We happen to be experts in “ungodly sex,” so of course we had to comment on the Kentucky homeless shelter that kicked homeless women out of their facility for tempting the male residents. Considering all of the craziness going on around the country lately, it’s no wonder that UN delegates found the treatment of women in the United States to be appalling. Think it can’t get more depressing? A Saudi millionaire was just acquitted in London after using the “My penis fell into her vagina” rape case defense. We’re off next week for Christmas, but we’ll be back with an episode on New Year’s Eve to help wind down the year and gear up for 2016!

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The infamous Fist Head picture from Lizz's childhood.

#12: Repro Madness Episode 12: Merry Christmyass

Episode 12 is extra special because LPJ’s National Coordinator, Amber Gavin, pops her podcast cherry! After a morning of day drinking at the New York Women in Film/TV Awards, Lizz, Amber and Ashley sit down to discuss the unfolding trial of Colorado terrorist, Robert Dear, the Supreme Court weighing in on the Planned Parenthood videos, and the impending legal troubles of the videos’ creator, David Daleiden. To wrap up the episode, the three unpack the fanciest gift bag ever and celebrate the contributions Lady Parts Justice has made to smashing the stigma surrounding abortion in 2015.

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#11: Repro Madness Episode 11: Planned Parenthood, Oreos, and Party Jesus

This week’s episode delves into the tragedy that happened last week in Colorado, the GOP’s response and the abortion rights movement’s resilience in the face of violence and terror. We appreciate and support abortion providers across the country and celebrate their unyielding bravery.

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