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[the podcast formerly known as ReproMadness]

Straight from the FEMINIST SLEEPER CELL, Lady Parts Justice breaks down the ever changing, ever batshit, ever rageful news that affects our reproductive rights. Listen as hosts, Lizz Winstead, Nicole Moore and Julie Rosing, work to expose the creeps hellbent on destroying access to birth control, abortion and basically everything logical.
Informative. Intersectional. Fun as F–k.

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EPISODE THREE: Bye Bush, Bey is King

Do you really need a surgical center to take a pill? The wrong people are blowing nonsense up Nicole’s skirt! Heads up, it is OK to have complicated feelings about Barbara Bush! It’s been quite a week in all things repro and we are gonna break it down, right here, from the feminist sleeper cell!
Episode 3 Show Notes:
The co-opting of Cardi B
Black Women Maternal Mortality
GOOD NEWS – Bye bye J. Marion statue

Gizmodo TelAbortion
Gyunity Health Projects
Telemedicine Iowa Study
That thing that is not a thing: Abortion Reversals

Barbara Bush-y
Tells GOP to “Ease Up”

Ilhan’s Movie: Time For Ilhan: Documentary about Ilhan Omar, the nation’s first Somali elected official, state rep from MN.
Debuts Tribeca Film fest Saturday!

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EPISODE TWO: Abortion Panic Room!
John Oliver exposes fake clinics and WE.ARE.HERE for it! Who will Nicole throw at Lizz for “Six degrees of Abortion”? And, Julie has an exclusive from fake clinic palooza.

Episode 2 Show Notes:
Fake Clinic Overview
What are Fake Clinics?
– John Oliver CPC Piece
– Full Frontal CPC Piece
– How you can join LPJ to #ExposeFakeClinics and #EndtheLies

Fake Clinic Deep Dive
Some of LPJ League’s work on-the-ground exposing fake clinics:
– The LPJL Fake Clinic review-a-thon and Yellow Brick Road Project
LPJL Protesting outside a fake clinic in Pittsburgh

– Who is NIFLA?

– Cosmo inside the 2015 Heartbeat International Conference
– What is Heartbeat International? Scour the website to see the deception for yourself. Starting with the first two words. “Options Line”
– The Heartbeat International Conference Julie is attending

– Six Degrees of John Boehner.
– POT Lobbyist


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EPISODE ONE: Welcome to the Feminist Sleeper Cell
Are we moving towards becoming a country that jails people for having a miscarriage? Julie reminds us you do not wanna fuck with a 6ft redhead on the basketball court. And both Nicole and Julie will try and stump me in the internet’s hottest new game show: “Six Degrees of Abortion”.

Episode 1 Show Notes:
* Learn about the creepy Indiana Law [click here]
* Other Creepy Indiana Law [click here]
* How Ohio got so Anti [click here]
* What even is gerrymandering? [click here]
* Trump Administration and Undocumented Teens [click here]
* Rachel Maddow on Scott Lloyd [click here]
* Vice on Trump Administration’s Undocumented Teen Obsession [click here]
* Pence Wife + Cialis [click here]
* Who is Scott Pruitt [click here]
* Six Degrees of Abortion with Scott Pruitt [click here]

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